Loved Again Pets is a 501c(3) all-volunteer animal rescue organization in Lane County, Oregon and the Greater Los Angeles area in Southern California. We pull senior dogs from euthanasia lists in over-populated and high-kill shelters, very often on the day they are scheduled to die. We provide full veterinary care, including surgical procedures necessary to bring dogs back to good health. We provide foster homes so that these overlooked senior dogs can recover and decompress. When the dogs are ready for adoption, they are networked on social media, through adoption fairs and word-of-mouth to find them loving “furever” homes. Loved Again Pets rescues dogs that many people would assume are unadoptable due to age, medical situation, or skittishness and transforms them into dogs that are routinely adopted into loving, permanent homes. We also provide long-term foster care for those dogs who are not adoptable and, when necessary, provide hospice care for dogs to spend their last days in a loving home environment.

There are are many ways to help the animals.  Consider Adopting or Fostering one of our the pets on our site. If that isn’t an option consider volunteering or donating to our animals care.

I just wanted to thank you for saving Angie.  We love her so much and she is such a sweetheart. She is our 4th senior dog, they are so amazing. Rescue is so important for older dogs and I really appreciate what you guys do. Keep it up!

- Carrie F